Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 111: Damn It Bobby!!!

Okay, this save a few photos and then post at the end of the week shit has to stop. Deciding to count up my days/photos not wanting to post too many, I found I already did. Early February, I posted a pic/blog that throws off my entire count. So now, I'll have 366 days of this in total, unless I decide to skip a day so my numbers match.

What sayest thou? Just ignore my OCD or skip a day? I think I'll keep it going and just use it as a reminder to keep better track of my days.

Oh, this photos was during class on Tuesday when during a presentation, we were being instructed to pray as a Muslim would. Interesting stuff, but man...for such a young class, a lot of knees were popping.


  1. who cares about rules? go with as many or few as you want. It's your blog. You're the boss. You make the rules.

  2. Please - every time I think I'm back on track I screw it up again. Just roll with it. The fact that we've done it this long is impressive enough.