Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 104: Will Accept Blood

Not the most clear photo, but you can see how much it cost to fill up my car the other day. It's getting so bothersome I'm waiting for signs to pop up saying "Will Accept Blood, Limbs, Livelihood, First Born Children, Fillings Out Of Your Fuckin' Teeth, and Anything Else You Value, Just So This Gas Will Make You So Resentful You Hate Everything."

Seriously, I'm not into pointing fingers on who or what is at fault. I hear too many conflicting and not-so-definitive reasons explaining the costs of gas to be convinced anyway. Either way it's a burden in the way our society works, which might be a bigger problem than gas prices.

From what I understand, gas prices in countries outside of the U.S. are two or three times as high, so we should be thankful, right? I suppose I am when I look at it like that.

Rather than constantly try and find ways to thwart the powers that be (OPEC though even their influence has diminished somewhat), shouldn't we find alternate methods to get around? Motorcycles and scooters, even if they still depend on individual gas use. Buses? Car pooling? Allowing cars on highways only if they're filled to 3/4 seating capacity or start taking up trains and buses. Bicycles in the city? More walking to places? Using any and all mass transit the city has to offer, however inconvenient.

One idea I had, regardless how fascist or communist this might sound to some, is limiting the number of vehicles to one per household. Sure, it'd be a pain in the ass, but it would certainly make a difference.

Not that I really have the answer, but something needs to change. If we can all stop being pissed that Obama said something about it's time to trade up (regarding someone's plea about gas prices) and get fuel friendly cars, maybe we'd see a bit of wisdom in the statement.

Americans, of course, don't want to change lifestyle; they, we, want a magic pill. Gas prices high? Lower gas prices at all costs, rather than change our consumption. Have heartburn? Forget eating better and just take a pill. Embarrassed because an airline charged you two seats for your fat ass? Forget taking the hint and losing weight, which not only saves you money on those plane seats, but would enhance your quality of life, lower your risk of so many diseases/conditions.


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