Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 121:Stupid Is As Stupid Does

For the record, I do not, nor have I ever, consider myself the best driver. Really, I'm sure my driving abilities are passable at best. I've never been in an accident where I've been the cause; the only one I've been in involved a driver making a very illegal turn. Ass hat.....totaled my car, bitched to the cops, I got the ticket, and he got off without a problem. Fucker even smelled like some low-shelf Jim Bean or something.

All that acknowledged, I am good at the fine, subtle art of parallel parking. Not sure when I developed this skill. I only did it the bare minimum number of times in driver's training in order not to fail. When the need arises, I jump on it, and I find that I'm quite good at it. Even to the point where I feel proud of my talents and I even inspect the fruits of my labor (albeit a simple labor 'cuz I'm that good) before I walk away from my auto.

It's true I suppose, that I know my car well, given it's smaller size. However, it's really not that much smaller than most normal sedans. Doesn't matter really, I was good at parking friend's trucks down south. Full size trucks mind you, not these piddly little, can't commit to a real truck, Ford Ranger buying mother fuckers. No....I'm talking Ford F series beasts.

Not that I enjoyed parallel parking them, but I was good at it and admired my skillz all the same.

This particular shot, like another in this project, is an example of one moron's inability to park like he or she has a brain. In fact, I'm on a mission. I want to find as many shots of these as I can, collect them in an album, and maybe create a collage of them for others to see. Not sure how it will work out, but as much as it infuriates me, I take a small amount of pleasure in such idiocy.

Tune in next time....Same Bat Time.....

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