Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 114: Vernie Goes to JCo!!

There really is no concrete evidence that we're actually at JCo, just a window with odd lights and a coffee cup to the right of her left ear. Can you see the sleeve on it?

She (Vernie) was wonderful too. Being a little dog, I was nervous that she'd have an accident somewhere inside the place. Thankfully, she had no problems of the sort. She did get antsy on several occasions, though I think that was more in part to the multitudes there for the brew and music.

Speaking of the people, she was a hit. More than a few people had to play with her. The Miss Courtney at the front slipper her a snack. She got more than a few repeat customers who just had to say "hi" more than once.

I'd even venture a guess there was a potential gay joke directed at me having such a tiny, non-masculine dog. I don't really care if there was to be honest. Whether her a monstrous St. Bernard or the nine pound, white fur-ball that she is, the end result is the same: I love her personality, and she dotes on me.

The conversations are a little one sided, but she does bring a lot to the table :D

I really, really want to go into how much I enjoy her company more than I do any child I know, how I value her more than most people on Earf', and how I see her as a sort of model on how simply I should live my own existence. She's content to sleep when she needs it, eat when she's hungry, gives out love in abundance, and she all she needs (other than a place to sleep, food to eat, and water to drink) is attention. Throw the toy around or run your hand down her back. Very minimalist; more so than anyone of us lives, that's for damn sure.

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