Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 116: Happy Easter!!!

In all seriousness, I have such an intense sense of faith, and the entire mystery of the Passion of the Christ. It's some hardcore shit, and causes me to really feel empty inside that I'll never compare to that greatness.

Jesus aside, I laugh at Easter and how it has become somewhat commercial, like Christmas. One cousin's Facebook status read that the Easter Bunny "went a little bit ape shit" for their child this year. Kinda made me laugh at first, then sad. Why can't we just celebrate a Holy with a bit less revelry? Why do I feel as if this commercial bastardization of Jesus' most holy days is comparable to the orgy scene in the Ten Commandments? In my heart, it reeks of disrespect.

Oh well, on to the photo.

As a child I regularly received Easter baskets. At some point they stopped, but there was still a small amount of affection from the Bunny* to be had. Of course, the Bunny knows that I'm perfectly okay with a few treats inside of a Meijer's bag. Pretty class, eh?

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