Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 119: Fat Kids Are You With Me?!?!

Olive Garden, however a mix of high and low class it is will always be a loved place to get my grub on. I say low class because it's a fuckin' chain of restaurants. High class because it is considerably cleaner than most other places in town; not all, but most.

The shot here is of their chicken alfredo pizza, which is very bombastic! Seriously, if you've never sampled said dish, you either need to run out and try Sell a kidney, a child or an ingot of gold if you must, but for God's sake go do it!

In all reality, this shot, while making me very hungry and a perfect reflection of my fat-kid-ness, I'm not fond of this shot, because throughout a stressful day this was the only time I remembered the camera in my pocket. Which is okay I guess, because it lets you know what I really love on stressful days...

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