Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 93: Leeeeet's go tooooo the movieeeees!!

Leeeeet's go seeee the staaarrrs!!

Now that I've started it, I'm really in the mood to see "Annie." Not a film I'd have thought I'd ever love, at least not when I first took notice of it. Over the years, however, I've really began to appreciate stage work and musicals. Even the films of musicals or just the films if not a stage production yet.

I really give the credit to "Jesus Christ Superstar" (JCS) and "Rocky Horror Picture Show" for igniting my current love of musicals and rock operas. A person who might get credit would be Courtney Klatt (nee Wiggins). We once even sang along to JCS together....over the phone! God....what dorks..., but we're still awesome like that.

Nowadays I can really get down to many different musicals. "The Sound of Music," once hated and now loved. "The Fiddler on the Roof" dances upon the cockles of my heart. The Who's "Tommy," "Miss Saigon," "Phantom of the Opera," "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," "Little Shop of Horrors," "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," and so on. The list really could go on.

I suppose I respect the talent involved. There is usually obvious talents on behalf of the performers, not to mention the background work of stage hands and costume designers and musicians. The respect for this talent even pushed me to love opera with it's amazing level of talent and ability with regard to the vocalists.

Referencing "Annie" again, I think often of the scene where they go to the movies. The particular theater they go to is an elaborately decorated period theater. The Michigan Theater reminds me of that scene. Not that there is enough room for the various theater employees to dance around and turn cartwheels over the burgundy ropes, but still. The place has incredible visual appeal, however, and so much character.

The place is a nostalgic cry back to a time when downtown was booming. When the sound of trains was a more common sound. When people walked to separate stores for trinkets needed or desired. Shoes here and a suit there. Stop off at the drug store and get a fountain pop. Sit at a restaurant window and watch a car with tail fins roll by. Listening to the "Bells of Saint Mary's" just a few blocks away.

Not that I've experience any of this myself, but I like to dream of a different time, often with the help of my wonderful parents who have a number of wonderful stories.

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