Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 297: Illegally Parked...

There are people in the can leave their cars on the streets for minutes longer than the a two hour limit and be tagged and ticketed. I've been pulled over for going less than five miles over the limit (only given a warning). I know of neighbors who's cars have been secured, covered, and off the streets, but have been tagged because the cover lifted and it was apparent there was no plate on the car, at that moment in time(shitty but true story).

Why then, has this car been able to continue parking on my street - illegally - and not faced some sort of action? Perhaps it's been given tickets, but it has been there for nearly a week off and on, and not just for a few minute stop, which is illegal anyway.

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  1. Report it. Darius and I had to report a car that sat infront of our house for MORE then 3 months. Cops drove by it I don't know how many times, and this car was obviously not being used (flat tire) It took us calling and reporting it. It was moved less then a week after reporting. =)