Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 275: Gotta Get Myself Connected

Yes, Andy's re-entered the world of cellular communication. That's not implying I'm fully immersing myself into technology once again, but the convenience of having a cell phone won me over. Not that I needed a smartphone for that simple convenience, but being able to send text messages yield it's own convenience: why initiate a whole conversation when all I desire is a simple yes or no response?

If you know me even halfway, you know that I'm not a fan of certain green vegetables. Asparagus is obie kaybie, so are peas. Green beans are the bomb diggity in my book. Spinach (not canned) is good.

I could drag the list on for some time, but I think you're understanding well enough which I like and others I might not. One of the most horrible of them....is BROCCOLI!!!! I friggin' hate broccoli. I've tried it on several occasions, to see if I could work through it and not gag, but nope. Gag is in full effect.

Bringing it back to the pic....

The same Friday night I picked up the cell phone, I also went to my favorite Chinese food place in town. Ordering me up some General Tso's chicken, I asked for green beans in place of the broccoli, which they've recently done for me much to my pleasure.

Guess what I discovered later that evening? Just chilling in the corner of my take home food container, there it was. Must have been hidden beneath the meat; something to cooks missed when removing the broccoli from my food as it cooked. Brings to mind the question: what was broccoli even doing with my meat anyway?!?!

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