Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 292: B-Z-B Cafe...

Much like Hinkley's, the B-Z-B Cafe is a Jackson icon. Often way too early closing times limit the place's exposure, but go in there when they are open and you'll notice they're not hurting even in the slightest. Walk in any one of their open days and you'll find it filled with any number of customers; business people, aging regulars, younger adults (or teens skipping school - I did), and who else knows who you might see. Serving predominately breakfast, but they have a full menu of goods and I fully recommend their hot open-face sandwich. It's nothing truly that special, but it's still damn good.

One of their particularly stellar items you get there is their English muffin toasting bread. Great on sandwiches, or just as toast to sop up your runny eggs. Fry up some good ass bacon (and all us fat kids know just what "good ass" anything is) and eat it all up. Maybe a BLT with that same bread.

Regardless of the food choices, I find comfort in seeing this place still there and doing well; not changing as much as many places might. Maintaining their position as a bastion of the old life once more apparent in Jackson. Hinkley's, Roxy Cafe, Jackson Coney Island, and a few others remain, like B-Z-B, to let us have a taste of what our parents grew up with and loved. Not that all of the above mentioned places were around back in the days of our 'rents, but it's older than I am, so it's ancient in my book.

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