Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 267: Love or Hate Technology?

One on hand, I'm an ardent fan of technology. Communication technology, has brought the world together in ways never thought possible. Letters that would once take days, weeks, or months - depending on the era in which you found yourself - now take a matter of seconds thanks to email. Seeing a distant family members happened rarely due to great distances no longer an issue thanks to trains, planes and automobiles and the speed with which they carry us. Technology can even help take the chill off a cold winter.

In short, there are many things that technology has done for us, but often I wonder if we've become tech junkies; most of us pining for the next "new thing," struggling to pay for it, and then casting it off when the next "new thing" arrives. Technology has also made us impatient, in my opinion. So much of the things, that once required the patience of Job, now allow us to have anything within a shorter matter of time.

Food? Heat up the microwave. Haven't seen Uncle Ernie in a while? Give him a call with video chat. Knuckles hurt from working the washboard? Just pay ABC Warehouse a visit and they'll take care of you.

In this picture, I have my Macbook Pro hooked up to a 32" LCD TV (only 720P *sob*) and Bose speakers. Do I need these things? No, but I do make use of them. Efficient use? Probably not at all, but use nevertheless. Wasting energy? You bet'cha! God Heaven forbid I can't take the heat we have on the horizon. Might have to crank up the AC.

Next on my list? An American Tradition in the form of the 6000 SUX, whose mileage is a mere 5mpg.

Thoughts on technology?

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