Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 281: Interesting Thoughts...

While I fully intended on sharing why I go crazy at work, and how, exactly, the Poop Palace got it's name, another question was raised by a friend.

Slaving in the bowels of the hospital (no pun intended), I come across sights like these on a regular basis. Sometimes the piles are larger, sometimes they're just smears across a blue pad. Often I question why the samples in question aren't just thrown in the trash rather than the laundry bags.

Of course, if you've caught onto what I'm referring, you might have considered what another person considered: would this violate HIPAA? There is no indication of whose matter it is. In fact, out of hundreds of beds filled in a hospital, there is very little way of telling - at this point of rolling down in the laundry - whose excrement it is, but does that matter as far as HIPAA is concerned? I'm certainly not in the pic, and God knows I could have very well grabbed this off the interwebz, but it still raises the question. I even censored the pic a bit just to feel a bit safer.

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