Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 294: Dimples

At a family party a couple years ago, I had a few cousins ask me, "what the hell is SG," or "what are SGs?" My initial reaction is to smile, but I most often respond with the phrase, "my remaining addiction to the porn industry."

In reality, SG (Suicide Girls) is so much more than a pornographic site. Sure, the main initial attraction is the naked ladies, but it's quick you realize that the women are far outside of the realm of Playboy's cookie cutter models of yesteryear (Who really likes them anymore anyway?). Stay a bit longer, and opt to pony up the cash to join the site and you'll find a sprawling community of models, members, friends, authors, artists, and more with which you can connect. It's very much a networking site in that respect, and friends can be made on the site. And the vast majority of the site embraces a counter-culture tone, so much in fact that it's a sub-culture in and of itself.

Something that appeals to me is a true adherence to the "judge not, lest ye' be judged" rule. Not that there is a religious tone to the site, but whatever you have going for you is permitted and will not be frowned, unless of course what you bring to the table is in any way hateful, then you'll be shunned.

And believe you me, I've come across a few people on the site who are rather pretentious and rude. They've shown themselves to be quick to hurt someone's feelings and expand their attack when it's brought to their attention that they might be outside the realm of good taste.

This type is few and far between, however, and we'll welcome these people back in a second as long as they're addition to the dialogue is constructive rather than destructive.

Regarding the photo in question: I have many...fetishes. Some are more specific, my intense love of Chuck Taylor All Star's on a woman. Some are more general, such as my love of a woman showing a little cleavage, which is a developing interest as I find myself increasingly attracted to breasts than in the past; not of the gargantuan variety, but I've been more aware of a well-endowed woman.

The fetish in question today, is my love of a good butt dimple. They don't have to be naked to make it apparent, they can be in athletic wear or in a bikini or they're shirt could ride up to expose said dimples. Oddly, on anyone else other than a woman I already am swooning over, it does nothing for me. Take a woman in whom I'm already interested, for example, and I'll mildly obsess over her dimples, assuming she has them :)

Photo in question was pulled from a gallery observed on Suicide Girls, hence my initial thoughts on the site.

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