Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 287: Ecclesiastes 5:18

Have you found Jesus? Have you accepted him as your Lord and Savior? Have you welcomed him into your heart and soul? If you haven't, you might need to learn a few things and make things right. Set yourself for the coming times, and choose sides: the mark of the beast or the mark of the Lord. Which will it be? Best get on that....

Finding Jesus, however, isn't as simple as splitting a piece of wood or falling upon the ground. Temples? Holy Books? Meditation? What will lead you to him? Perhaps the more secular? Perhaps places, activities and objects that have very little to no connection whatsoever to the spiritual might better lead you to Jesus. Some people find him him at "rock bottom." Others perhaps might find him on the battlefield. In the face of death, in a smothering depression, at a family gathering; all these places can potentially bring you Jesus, or bring you to spiritual enlightenment.

What about food? Particularly of the tasty, pastry variety? Can the light be found within creams, frostings, and glaze? Can a fitter bring you happiness? Can custard show you the light and the way better than the Gospels?

Sounds preposterous, doesn't it? Maybe it is, maybe it is. Especially if you're talking about Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme or any other rotgut chain of places.

But one day, should you find yourself in downtown Jackson make your way to Blackstone, to a point a couple blocks north of Wilson School. While not the most savory of areas, there is one place found there that seems to be a Holy Mecca that even the most dastardly of desperadoes won't desecrate. A Jackson establishment that makes all Jacksonians wonder that God hasn't smiled kindly upon us, like an Oasis in the desert.

Within the walls of Hinkly's Bakery you will find warm, encompassing love. You will find peace. You will probably even find Jesus rockin' some bad ass Birkenstocks in the back, giving you a thumbs-up as he indicates the donut you're about to ingest was made by him, for you personally. It's his way of giving you permission to enjoy the small things, which can truly be the best things in life, when you look at it differently. Rule #32....

"Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all the toil with which one toils under the sun the few days of his life that God has given him, for this is his lot."

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  1. Mind you, this isn't a solicitation to be a Christian. I just approach it as such because it makes me laugh to do, and so many people can relate to the propaganda here, even if they're not Christian.