Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 285: They serve a good...burger.

Now, I only hear they serve a good burger, but I have yet to sample their fare. In all honesty, I'm somewhat curious if indeed they serve a good burger, but not enough to rush my ass over there and mow down. I mean, really, who goes to a Tittie Bar for their food? Maybe for the jugs, but if you're there to drink their milk, you have some issues. Mooo....

What made me snap this pic so early in the morn' - yes, the morning - was that the sign was still on. Either they leave it on, or they forgot to turn it off, and I've certainly never seen it on at this time of the day (around 6:30am).

Who knows....maybe they cater to those on 3rd shift looking for a "view" after a long day's work. Go see some boobs, get a Coney Dog next door, and then onward to bed with thoughts of fake boobies running all through their heads.

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