Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 60: Beans and Cornbread....

First and guess the film. It's really quite obvious, but I'll leave it alone for now, because I have something else I want to yak about.

"Beans and Cornbread".....should mean something to a great number of us. It's a gustatory delight for the fat kid in all of us, but it's a phrase that refers to so much more. If the first thing that comes to mind is Louis Jordan then you're a bit old or have old (but good) taste in music.

For shits and giggles:

Correct if I'm wrong, but it was TBS that, in the past, would have an evening where they would show a particular movie, but during the commercials - and prior to the movie actually starting if I remember correctly - the two co-hosts would talk about the movie while preparing a particular dish/meal. It was a cool concept, really, stemming quite a bit of USA's "Up All Night," where either Gilbert Gottfriend or Rhonda "Made from the Best Stuff on Earth" Shear would throw around a little schtick and friendly banter.

What always made me smile the most, however, was as background music to the co-hosted segments of "Dinner and a Movie," was the tune "Beans and Cornbread" being sung in the background. I love this jingle so friggin' much that it used to work it's way into my melon all the time. My sister Bob and I even had a little shuffle that went a long with it. Funny times I tell ya'...funny times indeed.

During this movie, along with most other films, whenever I'd pause it to take a short break, I'd walk away from it with that tune in my head. The tune is as free flowing as that old' "Let's All Go To The Lobby" jingle from way back...Remember that one?

Nothing major, but it's a frequent thought in my head, and I wanted to let some of you in :)

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