Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 77: Cute-Girl-In-Green-Chucks

Saw a brilliantly cute (in my opinion) girl walk in Duffy's on Patty's Day. Maybe not very high on the scale of many other's list of "what's hot," but she had a look that I just adored. Then....her personality vindicated me. Such a good natured girl. She permeated raw appeal to me. Good humor, good looks and spoke intelligently.

Did I speak to her at random? I wish I had....just to say that I was I bold enough to approach such a delicious young lady. Though it wasn't boldness at all that led me to a brief conversation with her. It was...her shoes.

Now, I could really drag this out...but it would begin resembling a Penthouse forum letter. An explicit story heavy on the the erotic and dripping with perverse fetish wishes.

Yes, I'm intensely attracted to Chucks. Maybe it's because the girls I'm usually most attracted to have a tendency to wear them. I think that's it. So many of the really cool girls over the years have been wearers of Chucks, with an alarming track record, and it has become a sort of qualifier if I'll be attracted to you or not.

Very visual...but the track record of intensely cool and pretty girls wearing them has me convinced. So convinced that the mere sight of a pair of Chucks on a girl can bring her visual appeal up way high.

Perversely, I've even said that if I had to choose between a girl wearing Chucks in bed or high heels in bed (yes...straight outta porn), I'd always choose the Chucks. Hands down. Heels just don't do it for me. Chucks do it for me. Playboy playmates be damned (they don't really do it for me). Chucks all the way....

Sickly, this same girl and I both think it'd be cool to have the lady wear white chucks in a wedding dress, instead of heels. God I love her.....I want to marry her.....almost kidnapped her too.

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