Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64: WIll the next Hottie come on down?!?!

Many people are aware of my love of the "Price is Right." It's not really that I am so enamored with the show at all, and even when it's on my attention isn't really focused on it at all. Instead I keep my focus on my 'puter - the interwebz in general - occasionally looking up when guests are called down. If the guest is a hottie, my attention will shift focus to the hottie's parts on the show.

I'm not sure how I feel about her name, "Pretty," but at least it's descriptive. She certainly was a very beautiful girl, and she didn't bet $1 over another person's bid in order to get her way onstage, which increases her desirability. She didn't go to the Showcase Showdown, but oh well. Just making the show is cool in it's own right, plus you get free shit no matter. Plus, from the looks of the movements of her curves, I doubt she was wearing a boulder holder; further supported by the lack of visible bra straps.

While in Chicago, a friend made the comment that if I get together with a girl, she had better be able to tolerate my eye for the ladies. Further explanation was that even if I'm not unfaithful, I have a tendency to appreciate looking at lovely women, and this could be a problem to any potential Mrs Beau.

If I self analyze, I come to the conclusion it's because I don't have a girlfriend. Had I the girlfriend, I'd still probably be very aware of pretty girls (any guy saying they don't notice anymore is a liar, more often than not). Notice them, but not do anything that would be considered dishonest. To use the phrase, "I'll peruse the menu, but that doesn't mean I'll order anything."

I'm not even strongly attuned to any form of pornographic material. Sure, I have my SuicideGirls site, which features nude photography, but there's a great deal more to the site than just photos. Might be harder to understand when you're not part of it, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine. I've even benefited from the site's forums and groups. Most of my early Macbook education - outside of just playing with my Mac - came from the SG Mac Lover's group. Even developed a few friends from the site with whom I have regular correspondence.

Porn is largely a joke. Playboy? Only if someone else has it on hand, and I'm one of the few who will often read the articles. Any other mags are just sad. Pornographic videos? Pass. It all looks so fake, and the women look bored and pissed off in general. In the past I liked amateur/voyeur videos, but because they reminded me of my own exploits. Even my interest in those died when it clicked how sad it is that I'm taking any pleasure in watching others get down.

As mentioned before in a past blog (I think), I have a harder to define "type." Very generically, I like a pretty girl, but to say what makes her pretty is hard to pin down. An easy on the eyes face is always good, but there are plenty of pretty girls that have shitty attitudes or other flaws that I can't abide. Some girls are pretty, but there is no real chemistry between us, so it's a no-go.

The physical body really doesn't mean anything to me. Sure, some girls look good in a bikini, but it's not a big deal. From a visual point of view, I like athletic girls, but I think this is in part because I would like to be with someone who would serve as motivation, and a partner with whom I could share a good run every now and then.

Style of dress is an oddball topic. It's easier to say what I don't like. Sweatpants in public is a big no-no (unless you're working out). High heels really don't do it for me at all; give me a pair of chucks in a dress and I like it. Too fancy & coordinated of dressers bother me; as in when the girl really pays attention to fashion magazines and what is on the rack at Prada, Armani, Gucci and so on. Don't get me wrong, the stuff is nice, but let me be honest, and I like nice clothes, but the girls who dress like this have a very apparent superficial quality; in my eyes they do.

Give me a girl in a cute sundress, pair of Chuck Taylor's or girl in nice jeans with nice sweater or a girl in jeans, bad ass boots, and black tank top. Flannels on girls? LOVE IT! Wearing punk clothing? LOVE IT! A loose shirt baring a shoulder (like pic above) drives me wild, because it makes me think of the 80's, thus: LOVE IT!

Wow.....this is longer than I anticipated it would be. I'll sign off for now....

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