Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 74: Dumb Dog...

Maybe the title is erroneous. Abberdoodles isn't necessarily dumb; maybe she's just...picky. She was offered, post walk, a bit of Gatorade by my dear Annay. Maybe the red color scared, though mutts are supposed to be color blind. Smell? Can't imagine it smelling worse than the dirty snow she's shown to be eating.

Dogs are pretty funny in many different areas. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows this. Watching a dog go from tree to tree to tree to tree, only to have them return to the first checked tree to raise it's leg and mark it as their own.

What was wrong with that tree in the first place?! Also....what the hell was wrong with the other trees? I've seen dogs do this over the years. Even now, I often watch my dog walk back and forth along the front part of the yard; pacing back and forth for what seems like hours on end before deciding on the right spot to relieve her bladder. Often she waits until I lose my patience and threaten to beat her for making me stand outside this long, waiting on her, before she finally decides to micturate.

Dogs and pooping go very much the same way.

What odd stories do y'all have about dogs? Stories that would suggest a silly/picky dog?

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