Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 82: Get Ready for the Sound of My Own Horn!

When I read that score on my paper, I was overjoyed. More excited than I ever was getting a good score on any Anat & Phys exam. More excited even than the time Natalie Portman came into my bedroom and made sweet, poetic, passionate, romance-book worthy love to me, followed by intensely wild, dirty, sordid, unholy, sacrilegious morning sex in which resulted in damage done to the bed, bathroom counter top, two chairs, the stairway railing, the death of a Ukranian midget (cleaning lady), and a stain on my nice khaki slacks. get the idea that I was excited with the score. The other thing...didn't really happen. It would great if it did though, don't you agree? At least I have good material for bedtime thoughts tonight ;)

That score, from a college professor that really drives it home, makes you work for your grade as if at a university, and draws much ire from the student body, meant a great deal. Even in high school, where I discovered my love for creative writing, I struggled with research papers. Hell....I can't remember even trying to learn how to cite back then.

Nearly a decade ago, I was in ENG 132 but dropped out of it. Two reasons why I dropped out of it: I wasn't interested in school at the time, and I was intimidated by so much work in writing (I was lazy).

As the years passed, I developed a more profound respect for academia. Writing in particular, as I began broadening my horizon with literature consumed and found beauty in works that held sway over myself and others.

"He who is a master of words, is a master of men," another person once wrote. Author is forgotten, but I remember it very well. It touched me very deeply, and even brought a certain appreciation of the effect I have over others. I have understanding of the profound love people hold for the Dalai Lama, having heard him speak and reading his works. The same applies for Pope John Paul 2 and Leo Buscaglia. I understand how post-WWI Germany could be so swayed by the words of not so impressive Austrian man and hang on his words. Hell, I watch old videos of him and I'm tempted to throw up a salute, scream "sieg Heil," and start a' goose steppin'.

A bit of digression, but I'm coming back to my earlier points.

My English professor's grading of my work, and several other's comments have really bolstered my confidence in writing. It has made me realize how much I enjoy writing and even enjoy learning how to be a better writer.

One friend, whom I'll name K-Did, commented, "you really know to captivate people with words," really made me all warm and tingly inside. It touched me that someone thinks that highly of my ability to write. Thanks K-Did!! Almost sounds like "K-Fed," doesn't it?

I haven't yet given up on nursing, but between my English class and recent blogging, I wonder if journalism is the way I should go in life. If I win the lottery on Friday night, I'm forgetting all this nonsense of nursing, and getting a degree in journalism. Then I'll write freelance for fun :)

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