Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 81: Bringing Sexy Back

Pic from Monday is Vernie sportin' her new Do'! Not very interesting, but I find it to be funny. The hair continually grows and I hate caring for it. Hell, I hate caring for my own hair. So tedious, but I love the fact that I still have hair (*knocks on wood*).

I love my lil' Vernicus (see a FB note titled "The Dog of Many Names"), and I do a hell of a lot for this mutt. Little wuss dog or not, she has so much personality that it's sick. She's kept me company on many a rainy, sad days. She's watched over me, and many others, when we haven't been feeling well, and has even shared her bunny with us. She makes us laugh with her ridiculous antics.

In short, I love my dog. And yes, there are already several photos of her on this blog, but I find a lot of joy and pleasant thoughts in this dog. She's as much a therapist as any counselor; as much a confidante as any Golden Girl.

She's a teacher in many ways. She's very content. All she needs is sustenance, attention, love and a place to lie down. Four simple things. She loves her toys too, but she doesn't often lie with her toys (aside from her Bunny). She loves her snacks, but I doubt she'd miss them if we stopped getting them.

Already I'm getting sad thinking about a day without her. Seeing her in the shop before bringing her home, I'd never have imagined she'd be "that dog" to which all other dogs are compared. I've had other dogs growing up, but she's the one that will really go down in the books as the best dog I've ever called mine, and she wasn't orginally meant to be mine!

Final thought.....check this out...

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