Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 79: The Lazy Mexican

Yes, it's true that I have Coffee House loyalty, but I'm not opposed to checkin' out other places from time to time. However, I will maintain that I prefer the coffee at Jackson Coffee Co to anything else we have in town. The only one-up Beaner's or Tim Horton's (shudder) has over JCo. is the infinitely better hours, as JCo closes at 7pm five days of the week, 10pm on Friday and is closed on Sunday.

Though I do appreciate that they close on Sunday to allow the workers a steady day off.

Back to the photo: the location of the photo and the title of the blog should really tell you a lot. If it takes you a minute, that's okay, but I won't share it online. It's more fun to vocalize it.

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