Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78: The Divine Familyhood of the Andy's Traveling Eyeglasses....

Playing a rousing game of Rummy last evening, it struck us that Angela has never been raped by my glasses. Well.....that's a thing of the past. She doesn't know that she's been impregnated by a devious, parasitic life-form and come 8 days an alien/Andy's glasses hybrid will burst forth from her thorax and wreak havoc.

Okay....probably not.

Katie-Did made a suggestion that it become a series of photos. A collection, if you will, and I'm pretty excited. I'll start it soon. Just collect more photos of people wearing my glasses.'s sort of fun.

Initially thinking my glasses were dorky but comfortable (and stylish really), people started wearing them at random. I started snapping shots of people wearing them because it's fun to see who looks good in my glasses. In most cases....people look pretty good in these glasses. So....the project starts....

I think it was Buffcock who said it...."The Divine Familyhood of Andy's Traveling Eyeglasses."

Oh....another potential collection/album to start up. Chucks....

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