Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 66: Cleanin' up the sty...

It started with me putting away all of my clean laundry. No intentions of any massive undertaking at all. All I had to do was put away socks in a box under the bed and shirts in the closet.

Opening the closet and keeping my eyes open did me in. "Out of sight, out of mind," really applies here.


Usually, I'd just whip the closet door open and throw stuff in with little regard to how it fell. Getting stuff out of the closet isn't much different. It's amazing when you end wearing a too tight t-shirt or gaudy colored shirt because you have no desire to go back in there. Getting in there is tantamount to a deep Earth, archaeological expedition complete with a rope around the waste and a hard hat with attached lamp. That's how I feel anyway.

Looking into one of the few unclean elements of my room, I was overwhelmed and far too irritated to let it go on any longer. With reckless abandon I began digging in the way same a dog digs into the yard to bury a bone. For several minutes, I was bent over and shoveling stuff - clothing, unused backpacks and other items - between my legs just letting it fall wherever it might fall behind. Deeper I went in after the apparel was moved and started grabbing boxes to move. A couple games and all sorts of other stuff. Then I cleaned off the closet shelf of junk that no longer needs to be there.

I organized it all and even prepared several boxes and bags of stuff for a better home. Packed up all the pants and shirts (the ones my tubby ass no longer fits, but refuses to get rid of) and stacked them on the shelf. All in all, the closet now looks pretty damn snazzy.

So into the task and accompanying music of Johnny Cash (good cleaning tunes), I forgot to get any pics until half the mess (or more) had been cleaned up. Insanity really. Just made me laugh at one point that I only wanted to put laundry away, and ended up with a three hour task.

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