Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 76: Stolen Goods....

Sometime last weekend, while sitting at the bar with friends I noticed that most Jackson bars were going to be slinging these Killian's glasses for a few extra bucks. Glass and fill up was $6, and not a bad deal in my opinion. I did indeed buy one, but this pictured glass is not the glass I picked up on Patty's Day. This glass, as a matter of fact was one I stole from a bar in town last Patty's Day, an act that was a nice lil' tale of dumb drunks thinkin' they're crafty.

Last Saint Patty's Day, our early group of Bonesmen - Angela, Bill, Katie and myself - started our day off at Duffy's. Copious amounts of green beer was consumed, and even a little Irish-themed food. 'Twas a beautiful day sitting out on the patio area of Duffy's, enjoying the cold beer and even better company, but eventually we had it in us to find our way to the Hunt Club (the scene of the crime). is where the details get a little fuzzy. I remember being at the Hunt Club. I don't remember drinking the Killian's or ordering it. I do remember that thinking the glass was bomb ass, and that I simply had to have it. We spent lord knows how many minutes trying to conceive - drunkenly mind you - of a way to spirit this glass out of the place without raising any suspicions. We thought were clever too, but God it'd be funny seeing us from a sober perspective.

We ended up sticking it down the sleeve of my hoodie, and closing off the end of the hoodie with a hair tie. INGENIOUS! Maybe not, but it sure was hella funny!

Oh....Saint Patty's day this year, I more appropriately purchased one from Duffy's. thievery this year, and the lonely first one now has a mate. Wonder if the more honest glass feels like it's next to one from the wrong side of town ;)

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