Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 70: Okay, I'm not really Shamu...

While I'm not as obese as I pass myself off as, I'm nowhere as healthy looking as I'd like to be. Quite chubby, and it does look worse from the side. Still.... :/

This pic will serve as a form of motivation; a reminder to look at and see. Motivation will also take form with another photo from the past where I'm considerably slimmer and less grotesque looking. Constant reminders of not how I desire to look, but to feel. In the slimmer pics, I was better able to play a game of ball, shoot some hoops, go for a run, or just walk up stairs instead of the elevator. I was able to buy a pair of pants without having to deal with size discrepancies: like having to really search for a pair of 44" waist size pants with a 30" leg. Those sizes are out there, but they're usually picked through.

My goal is that by the time I decide to put another similar photo, you'll see significantly less of me, and maybe by year's end (or earlier) I'll have another photo up where I'm in a shirt/pair of jeans that I recently packed away because I can't fit into, like the one on the previous photo blog.

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