Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 59: Totally Nerdcore!!!

Yeah, this is such a bad pic of me, but oh well. This shot was chosen for two reasons. The primary reason being I was just a lazy damn turd yesterday, and can justify it by saying this shot was officially taken on Sunday, just past midnight.

The girl's name is Casey, and she's a waitress at Bone Island Grille. Cute? Very much so, but made infinitely more cute with those glasses on. So cute in fact, if she were my girlfriend and wanted to wear those glasses all day every day, I'd support her in her decision.

I don't really have a type, per say, but I have things that rev my motor. Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, for example, will always turn me on when worn by a cutie. Throw a choice vanilla scent on that girl, then we might have a rape case on our hands.

Seriously, sometimes fashion, hobbies, personality much as physical attributes can make the girl hot in my eyes. The words she uses while talking can slay me. Is she a nerd? Does she like Star Wars or comics or a particular video game for example? Doesn't matter....could be that she digs on playing Monopoly....

I don't really even fall victim to desiring of physical body types. Sure, a body might look good in a bikini, but that has no bearing on sexual ability or the ability to rock my socks off.

God heaven forbid I find myself bored in a conversation with a girl. You can be the hottest thing since the surface of the sun, but if you bore the shit out of me, I'll never risk mixing my genetic code with yours.

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