Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44: A Precious *sniff* Item

Several weeks ago, one of my English 132 classmates turned to me and said, "if you sniff one more time I'm going to kill you."

Sometime last fall, I walked into the testing center of the JCC library to polish off a test. Seeing two very lovely friends of mine, I decided to have a little bit O' fun. Before sitting down, I began sniffling purposefully (it would have happened regardless). After shuffling to my seat, all the while keeping my eyes on my two friends, who were by this time vibrating with contained laughter, I decided to play a little bit more.

Now frequently I would move the keyboard and monitor out of the way of the desk, since the two things were often in the exact center of the desk. Knowing full well there would be an audible noise, a squeak that I know my friends, currently hyper sensitive to any sounds originating from my direction, would hear. I had not planned on the level of volume that moving the monitor would spit forth that day.

Pushing the monitor back and up, coming from somewhere deep within the bowels of it's joints, there was a high pitched squeak that was something akin to the whore of Babylon screeching out in unholy, orgasmic ecstacy.

Unlike nails going down a chalkboard, or that sound of nylons being ripped open (which can be a good thing depending on the situation), it wasn't a painful sound at all. It was, however, an attention commanding squeak. In a normally "silent as a grave" room already interrupted by my sniffles, this squeak had everyone's attention. Every single head was either turned towards me or laughing to themselves at the obscene ridiculousness of the situation.

Enough on that though, onto the sniffle spray!

In the past several years, I've found out that I'm allergic to a good amount of whatever: pollen, pet dander, or life in general. No clue what it is, but I work around it. Medications like claritin make it manageable, but every so often, I need something more instantly gratifying. Enter the Sinex/Vicks collabo of a nasal spray.

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