Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 53: Who else could use one of these?

I could use one of these on a daily basis; how 'bout you?

The aroma of coffee has always been a wonderful thing, but it's never been something I've been a fan of ingesting. Believe me, I'd try to learn to love it, but no such luck. By the time I'd put enough milk into the coffee it'd be better described by saying "how much coffee would you like in your milk?"

Eventually, I started transitioning over from lattes and such to strict coffee, though I usually end up with at least a little cream in my brew. Should the establishment be in possession of whip cream, I will totally indulge in a little extra fat-boy-ness. The people who server me most often will usually get smacked if they even have to ask if I want whip cream.

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