Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 35: The Love Tat (not really)

This was a late night pic from Thursday, and I decided to use it as it marks a significant milestone to me; that I'm actually considering a tattoo below my elbow. Never in my life have I actually wanted or been serious about tattoos passing below my elbows, even if there have been times when I have semi-wanted to start planning a sleeve.

Oddly enough...there are many things in life that I never thought I'd do, for reasons I can't actually remember I was opposed to them. Ten years ago, I'd have hit you in the face for suggesting I'd ever be a veteran of the Armed Forces. Ten years ago, I'd have refused to believe that I'd be a fan/rider/owner of motorcycles, ever. Similarly, I'd never have thought I'd become this much a tattooed freak on a leash. There are other ideals and tthoughts that I no longer hold onto, but that's for another time.

Centered around the summer of my 23rd birthday, a feeling that was eating me alive had reached a point I could no longer abide (the dude abides..heh). I was tired of feeling like an utter loser. I was sick of feeling like I had no path in front of me, and this feeling saturated so many areas of my life. I couldn't talk to women because, regardless of my personality, I believed I had nothing to bring to the table. And I wasn't yet ready for college, so I did the next best thing: join the Army to be all I can be.


I'll talk about that more at a later date.

Motorcycles were simply a matter of safety. I thought they were too dangerous and really had no desire to risk my life on a 2-Wheeled Death Machine (that's for you Kakes)!

The Tattoos...are a much longer, and more positive story. I'll snap some pics and write a blog about them soon.

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  1. I'm not a huge tattoo fan. I've never wanted one - mostly because I am scared shitless of needles. I did, however, ponder getting one this past fall - actually we were going to do "sister tattooes." That didn't end up happening, but I am a HUGE fan of the TWLOHA movement and think that it would be a FANTASTIC tattoo to add to your collection ;)