Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43: 'Cuz I'm a fat kid!!

Why? 'Cuz I'm fat, that's why!

Yesterday I went to Olive Garden for lunch yesterday with my sister, Heather. Sure, I could turn this into a mushy blog of family stories, but I'd rather it be a fat kid blog.

By fat kid, I don't mean overweight, obese, muffin' top havin', encrusted with stretch marks, more chins than a Chinese phone book kind of fat. I mean that you're the type of person who has fond, fond thoughts of bacon. A type of person who looks at a good piece of cake with longing that is usually found in romance novels. A person whose stomach begins growling at the sight a chili cheese fries or something similar. Someone who adopts a "thousand yard stare" while on a diet. People that spent a year in Iraq, but talk fondly of DFAC 3 (Dining Facility).

DFAC 3 was pretty damn choice, if I say so myself.

Being overweight and being fat is different. Overweight describes a physical state of health; a condition. Being fat is all mental. In that way, you can have a 95lb girl who eats a pound of bacon in a sittin is categorized as a fat girl in my book. A 250lb 30 year old guy who can sit down with a glass of chocolate milk (BAREMAN'S MUTHA FACKOO) and a bowl of cookie dough as an evening snack, yet feels no guilt, is a fat kid. Two different body types, but we're both fat kids in heart and soul.

Really, it boils down to your enjoyment of food. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy salads too, but I really enjoy sitting down to savory dishes, warm dishes that touch deep down to the core. A good plate of lasagna, a bowl of creamy & cheesey potatoe soup, a custard filled long John from Hinkley's can all do this. And they're not alone.....

There are a few people that don't really appear to enjoy food anyway. Not that they don't enjoy eating, but they don't partake in conversations about food. Bring up something delicious, and they'll say "yeah, I like it", but they won't really say it with any passion.

A friend of mine often responds with "that's naughty" after eating something particularly delicious. And I know just what she fat kid to another, I know.

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