Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34: Alien Death Ray!

No, "Alien Death Ray" is not the name of the indie, folk, ska, punk, rock-a-hippy, death metal rock band I'm not working on. I'm referring to (obviously) the death ray coming out of the source of red light in the picture.

A few seconds prior to hopping into bed, I donned a headlamp I picked up from Home Depot. Packed together with a set of five other flashlights, I don't imagine it was thought to end up a reading device, though why not?

Turning off my room light requires me to get out of bed. While I'm not really that lazy, getting out of bed at 2am (give or take) to turn off the light is torture. Not to mention, why light up an entire room when this small light does the job I require? Others have small nightstand lamps, but I do not. I'm more than okay using this funny lil' tool.

The red light requires a little adjustment, but what I'm most wary of is eye strain. Having used it for four nights in a row, I have yet to experience any strain or discomfort whatsoever.

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