Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 50: Newsboy from Hell

While I keep the story writing to a minimum here, I just want to show off Wayne's 'stache. He's quite a character around town, and without it he looks like a child barely old enough to grow one. He's a pretty cool cat though, so nothing but love for him.

Taken at the Town Bar, and it was preceded by an almost-fight earlier in the evening.

First and foremost, I find it interesting to size up other people getting ready to fight. Hopefully it's not me about to be in the fight, but it's even more crucial at that point. an effort to size the opponents up:

On one side, we have a couple or preppy, drunk bitches actin' asses all around. Several of them rang the bell (which means you're buying drinks all around) - repeatedly - with no intention of buying drinks for anyone beyond themselves. After being told repeatedly by the aging waitress to get out or stop dancing on a table, one of that party had to be pulled off said table by a few of her less inebriated friends. Quite a belligerent woman, but of course, she was emboldened buy the drink, as were many of her friends.

On the other side, we have a crew of people sharing one thing in common: they are heavily tattooed, which tells me they have a certain tolerance of pain. Two of them are the owners of the tattoo shop sitting less than a block away, and are pretty slow to anger people (which is something you always consider as it's usually these people that are more of a threat). Also in this group is the owner and athlete of Jackson's own Jacktown Rollers Dirby team, a girl I know from High School who is buff looking as well as pretty damn tall. Her boyfriend and several other friends also in attendance. Not to mention, they're known locals and frequently can be found at this bar.

Hometown advantage is obvious, and with that status of being locals comes with the knowledge that there are more than a few other patrons who will jump on their side, on principle. Also a consideration is that they're well known to the bar owners as regular and respectable patrons; because of this, they're not going to be considered as the likely cause of the fight.

A funnier aspect of the incident? At one point, my friend asked me in a voice filled with mild awe, "Andy, whose side are we on?"

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