Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 236: Mister Perfect!!

Workplace politics have always given me cause to laugh. I say politics, but I also mean to include drama surrounding personnel conflict within the workplace. Not that everyone has to get along, but just go in there, do your job and avoid talking shit about others. While a little shit talking may be cathartic at times, it doesn't really change anything, unless you're purpose is to get someone fired, in which there are bigger problems that need confronting.

Big Paul, featured in the shot, is the regular 3rd shift Prince of the Poop Palace. He comes in and slangs the laundry like a fiend and gets the job done better than anyone else. Granted, he doesn't have the same responsibilities that those of us in the day have, but trust me, I've worked next to the dude; he works like he loves the job. Crazy really. I try my damnedest to keep up with him, but I'm usually broke off long before I leave.

Someone with whom I work, decided to take a jab at him the other day. Instead of having anything of any real import to say, she spits out that "well, we can't say anything about Paul, because he's Mister Perfect."

I thought it funny as hell, so, in an unusual move for me I decided to fill Paul in and tell him.

A week following that conversation I had an idea to get a few shots of him posing. I'd take the pics and photoshop them, create an image declaring him "Mr Perfect," throwing his mug on a T-Shirt, and rocking it at work. It hasn't been done yet, but it's coming.

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