Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 227: Should have taped my glasses...

As time passes, I slowly broaden my nerd horizons, pushing the boarder to points I hadn't thought possible. Dressing up at Comic Con is something that I likely made fun of when I was a younger teen, but now I see nothing but fun in it. In fact, the lady to my right in the picture (*my* right) has provided me with inspiration for my first costume I'll wear at a Con. Yes, I'll rock a Slave Leia outfit, and I shall rock it well. Costumes I'll wear are likely going to be Star Wars or Superman oriented. Between those two worlds, there is a lot of inspirational material.

The Slave Leia outfit is also designed to embarrass any friends who may be with me for the weekend, with a particular emphasis on my buddy Rob, who is as much, if not more, a Star Wars fanboy as I am. Telling my idea, he replied that he'd not even ride in the car with me if I went through with the plan. Oh Rob...we shall see....

Something that bothers me about the Con are the *opportunities* to meet and snap a shot with a celebrity. They had a myriad of aging and popular wrestlers there. Many actors and actresses from TV and film were there for our fan pleasure. Die hard fan of Ray Park of Darth Maul fame? Go get a piece of him! The Million Dollar Man? He's there for a pic and/or an autograph. Get up close to any one of them and even get your grope on. All this can be done...for a small fee.

Yes, that's right. The people there charge for pics to be taken or to sign the goods you've brought or bought. I know that's how they make coming to the Cons worthwhile and still maintain a name for themselves, but when they charge upwards of $70 for a photo op, I can't help feeling like a tightwad Jew hoarding my money from all of y'all thieves. They might charge as little as $10, which isn't bad at all, but still sort of funny that you have to use your own camera in many of the situations.

Something I found even cooler 'bout the whole gig was the willingness of random costumed peeps sporting enough to allow you to snap a pic. Like Slave Leia above, she was cool about it, but in hindsight I wonder if she were still cool at the end of the day. And then there were even bigger celebrities in my book willing to let me come behind the booth and be shot with all of them to my side. Giggitus...Maximus...let me tell ya'.

All gripes aside, I had a blast there. There is so much to see that makes my nerd cells rejoice and spending some quality time with some homies is always bomb ass as well. You can bet your begonias that my ass will be making a return trip, although I hope to have a few more bucks to lengthen the trip to several days.

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