Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 232: Couple O' Co-workers

While nowhere near as...pretty or artsy as a couple of the other pics I snapped, Cassie's face (she's on the left) got me thinkin' about all the pics we take where people, caught unaware, or given a less than flattering representation in a photo.

I have many a photos of me where I look like a total slob goon. They're just awfully hideous. Hell, I have photos where I'm posing and still manage to look like a damn Michael Moore-Shrek hybrid. There is a specific shot of me rockin' my scrubs, that no matter how often Annay assures me I do not look hideous, I know I do. I see that damn pic and think to myself, "not even were I the most desperate homo on Earth and he were my only chance for a lil' last minute lovin' would I touch him."

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