Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 216: Really? REALLY?!

Last week, I exchanged a number of messages with an individual (Xbox Live) who berated me for having what they perceived as an immature and damaging to the young player card for my Black Ops profile. My player card pic, for those who haven't a clue, is of mildly perverse nature: a smiley face with cartoonish boobs at the bottom of the screen. It was designed to look like the face was smiling at the boobs. Stupid I know, but whatever, I rarely even see it and others only see if they intentionally seek it out.

This artfully made player card pic to the right is an example of just how dirty people can get in the creation of their player cards. I'll be watching the guy who claims that pic to see if it ever gets reported and removed.

Choosing to shoot a pic of it and post it in the blog is a sort of test itself; to see if this pic can for any amount of time before being reported and removed.

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