Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 221: Backed Up Line...

There have been too many days where I've wanted to quit lately. Mostly because we're getting behind on our work in the back. Multiple reasons are contributing: hospital going through more stuff than seems possible being the chief among them, though there are other reasons.

A few extra people would be appreciated back here once every so often, to help get caught back up. Makes me laugh that they'll pull a much needed person - even if we're slammed - to help with stupid mundane tasks up front. Good God I have a hatred of people stacking damn wash clothes, because I'll see six damn women standing around stacking them when we're sweating our balls off in the back.

Oh well, I'll keep it short here. I was already pissed having to work a Saturday evening, and knowing I could hardly get anything done due to piss poor management really puts me in a shitty mood.

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