Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 224: Changing the View...

While waiting for my Chinese food order to be completed, I stepped outside to wait. Looking down the street I began thinking of the film "Dead Poets Society." Specifically, the scene in which Robin William's character stands on the desk and reflects on the importance of looking at life from a different point of view, or angle, metaphorically speaking of course.

Granted, this view was not life changing in the slightest, but I looked for several minutes trying to evoke some serious thought. The only major thought of significance was the question of how often I, or any of us, look where we're going. Really look at something and try to formulate a thought on the matter. On a superficial level, I can look at this view and reflect how much I appreciate Polly's for selling Bareman's. I could also say that I'm happy - on a certain level - that Playford Music is still situated to the right of the photo.

Beyond those few thoughts, actually concentrating on the scenery brought to mind very few things. The importance, I find, is that I took the moment to try and bring to mind something more. That I looked and...meditated (might be the word) upon the view searching for something I didn't see nor have thought of before.

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