Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 229: Good God I will always love my Pops!

Little things are often the best things that one can do for another. When I was growing up, I couldn't have all the coolest play sets my friends did for their toys. No Lego monorail for me. No Super-Dee-Duper GI Joe space shuttle for any of my burrfdays. Not that I'm complaining mind you. Growing up, it never really registered that we were hard up for money, so it wasn't really an issue in my young mind. Life was good, I love my family, and that's all that mattered.

A particularly fond memory growing up revolved around a dirt pile in my backyard, which raises the question of why nearly every poor, white family have a dirt pile in their back yard. Oh well, another time perhaps.

In this dirt pile my mother used to carve out entire cities for me to play in. Not me personally, but for my action figures and toy cars. A simple pile of dirt, but it was more than enough to protect me from the reality of being a slightly needy family. And it's always a positive memory of my mother that makes me thankful that I have her.

Going to work, I pack my lunch as often as possible so I don't sink any unnecessary cheddar into the cafeteria at work. It's great; save money and eat a bit healthier than I would normally. In the lunch box in question, in the pic I mean, I have two biscuits and a bomb ass creation of rice and chicken that was created by my father, a culinary wizard of the highest order. But it's not any of that I'm focused on, it's the piece of chocolate covered bacon that draws my eye(s).

Referring to the awesome brilliance of my Pops, that lil' treat wasn't in there when I finished packing my lunch, so do you have any idea how it got there?

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