Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 213: Get 2 Da Choppah!!

Nothing special or introspective into this shot. Just liked it and wanted to snap it.

Day 212: To Hell With That...

When given the option of this, a broom, apparition, or floo powder this will be last option I'd choose.

Yes, I took a picture of a flushing toilet. Deal with it.

I was reflecting, as I usually do on the can, that I'm very much a *regular* person. By regular I mean that I shit on a semi-regular schedule. Within two hours of waking up, I go the first time. Within 30 minutes of finishing lunch, I go a second time. Last but not least, I often go a third time shortly after eating my dinner.

Three to 21 times a week is considered normal ranges of load droppings. What is of concern if you are a one time a day dropper and then switch to once a week or three times a day, suddenly and without any change in your dietary schedule.

Gross you out? Think about it for a while; where are you on that range?

Day 211: I Can't Remember...

...the last time I found myself walking into a store with a few extra dollars in my pocket and the sole purpose of spending a bit of money on something other than bills/coffee/occasional spot of vittles. Hell, memory fails me when the last trip to the store was of my choosing versus tailing along with a friend or family member. Quite liberating really.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I've spent money on myself here and there, but for the past several months I've been looking at money as something that isn't mine. Money that I've been taking in is largely gone before it even touches my chubby lil' digits; sent to the man to avoid being roughed up by a guy saying something to the tune of, "you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band. You wanna borrow, you gotta pay the man. Gimme some money." Though if I could have a finger or three broken in exchange for paying back all my debts, I think I might opt for that.

Most of my frivolous expenditures have been on coffee and occasionally a bit of food. Even then, most of my leisure activities involving a few beers or some food have been largely at the mercy of the generosity of others. Perhaps a friend offers to pick up the tab, or my parents offer to throw me a few bones so I can have a meal outside of the house.

Really breaks me up a bit, when I have to level with people and say "sorry, I can't afford to hang out at the bar," or "you'd have to spot me a few without a certain time frame of when the favor can be returned." Cuts me up a bit more that they actually are willing to throw me a favor. Not that I think there is anything wrong with the gesture, but I've often felt more gracious a giver than a receiver. Appreciation isn't the problem, it's the slight emotional moment where I don't want to give an inappropriate "thank you" or fail to convey just how much the gesture meant to me.

So, in a way, this blog could serve as that "thank you." For those who actually read this, know that it weights heavily on my mind any kindness shown to me, because in most cases I don't feel worth it. Furthermore, a short while ago, I ran into a spot where I turned to a sister to borrow a few dollars to cover a bill (days prior to my first pay check) and shed several tears asking for the cash. She's not rolling in the dough by any means, but I didn't know where to turn at that moment in time.

Ah well.....tune in next time. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 210: Goin' Pro...

Sitting here watching the Tigers play, I'm reminded how much I want an authentic jersey. More so than any other sport or team jersey, I want an authentic Tiger's jersey.

Unfortunately, authentic is not synonymous with cheap. Look closely along the right side of the pic and you'll notice a price tag of $204.99. Yes...just under $205 (excluding shipping) will earn you a one of a kind, personalized jersey.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 209: Jalopy My Ass!

Like cool cars? Sure as shit, you can bet your begonias I love bomb ass automobiles. Not just any ole' autos either.

Actually..."ole" isn't too far from where my tastes in cars falls. For example, I dig Ford Mustangs, but not recent Mustangs. The 'Stangs I dig are older than I am. Camaros? Older the better. Corvettes? Same deal. Trucks? No exceptions to the rule.

Ask me which is cooler: the beautiful beast to the right, or a Ferrari? Don't get me wrong, a Ferrari has style, but that truck has personality and characters. That truck has a classic look that screams "yeah, I've been to the mother fuckin' mountain top. Now what?!" That truck is like the old man in the bar who is broken down, out of style, direly in need of a shower and shave, but when fit hits the shan, he'll show a youngster how the pain was rained down in his day.

Thoughts? Older rides or newer rides? Specific type of ride? What sort of ride makes you nod your head in respect?

Day 208: Nose Lickin' Fool...

Gotta love those perfect lil' photo ops!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 207: Can Ya' Guess...

...what this is?! I can look at it one second and think it's obvious, but another look and it doesn't look as obvious.

Day 206: Failed Video Post

Blue Jello sang a song this past Friday evening of which the main chorus line was "squeeze your butt cheeks together." Yeah....classy :D

I tried loading a video of them singing, but it didn't work out as well as I hoped.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 205: AC's workin' hard!

Heat topped off at 99 degrees, and at some point a guy rolls down into the Poop Palace telling us he has to turn off the AC to our area. Reasoning being that the hospital's AC was in danger of failing.

Now, I know how vital it is to the comfort levels of patients, not to mention maintain cleanliness all around the place, but at that moment I didn't give two shits. I was in thick gloves, wearing a gown that rivaled a biohazard suit, and sweating like two rats in a wool sock fuckin'.

I didn't go out of my way to find out if this was actually pouring out of the AC unit, but it sure looked like it.

Day 204: Work Shenanigans...

Yeaah........some people can be so lazy at work.

Day 203: To write love...

...on her arms. I'm aware of the day and am rather fond of the meaning behind. Seeing all the people around town with "love" on their arms inspired me to finally break my no-below-elbow tattoo rule.

Often asked why I'd get "love" tattooed on my arm, I always can't give an answer. It's hard to explain, really, why I feel the way I do. You can be "in love" and you can "love" someone without being "in love." It's the latter meaning which I wish more people would think about. The world would be a better place if they would.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 202:No Blinkies!!

Audrey and I took four preceding photos in which one or the other blinked. It had the effect of making us look like were on some really intense weed of some sort, which we're not, honest. And no, my fingers are not crossed behind my back.

Seems so long ago that I met this lady. I hesitate to say lady, because I've seen her in situations that would make Ron Jeremy blush and offer to find her a good priest. So long ago indeed, but it was really only two three years ago. Chemistry 131 as a matter of fact. Also with us in that class was Cassie (who barely covered her assie), and Stephanie, who had some boobs (I'm not even a boob guy, but I had to look). There was also She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Jen Foote) and Old Man Ken at our table, but it doesn't matter; I only have eyes for Audrey ;)

Usually, however, Stephanie sat on my side, so most conversations in class were with her, but I can't help feeling like I knew Audrey better. Catholic upbringing perhaps? Similar personalities? Stalkerish desire to be in the bed of an individual so I fantasize that we're closer than we really are? All of the above perhaps.

I joke about fantasizing, but really I had not thoughts of getting in her knickers, despite being embraced as a creeper. Rather offended at first, but embracing this moniker I became everyone's favorite creeper. Little would I know how awesome this girlie would be years later.

Just recently turning 21 years old, I have to point out that she's now eligible for my wanton desires. Prior to turning 21 it was just fun and games to be suggestively inappropriate, but in any woman's case, I have this thing that if you can't legally go to a bar with me, then you're too young. It's since become being able to drink in a bar and hopefully be older than my oldest niece.

However, despite her being under 21 for several years after meeting her, I have to say that certain things have become very apparent that thrust (heh...I said thrust) in the über desirable status. First and foremost, she has a bomb ass personality and sense of humor. Any girl that would embrace the phrase "I'd fuck me" like she has something going for her, not to mention laughing 'til sides hurt on several occasions (and making funny animal faces at Ugly Sweater parties). Secondly, she has the most awesome personality in the history of all mankind; yes it's been pointed out, I just wanted to drill the point home. Thricely, she's a pretty girl. Her smile has the sort of look that could melt Chuck Norris' or Hitler's cold black hearts. I hate to say "pretty" because it makes her sound mundanely okay, but she's really, really pretty. The kind of pretty where someone says "who's that girl with" and you feel a bit of pride if she's with you.

The three reasons above are reason enough to want to be this girl's boy toy, but in time I've noticed things that have pushed her over the edge of hotness. Legs....she has them. And why I say she has legs, I mean she has flesh covered pistons that would send any man into fantasy land...*grabs bottle of baby oil* back in a few.

Okay, I'm kidding...'bout having me time anyways. Seriously, her legs are amazingly buff looking. And I've always thought her rear nice looking, but on her birthday celebration she wore a dress that accentuated it in such a way that her derriere ranks amongst the top three I've seen (and I used seen right).

Well, I hope you all think I'm creepy now, if you didn't already. I figured it was fitting to be inappropriately creepy in regards to Audrey since some of our earliest memories involve her (and Steph) thinking I wanted to get into their pants. Rightly so if ya' ask me.

I could go on for a while with all the cool memories I have of her, but I want to move onto writing other blogs, though I think this is one of my longest...ever.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 201: Fans From All Walks...Of Species

Dog's got style ;)

Day 200: Three Stooges

In July my family - my immediate family - celebrates three birthdays. My mother's (13th), my sister's (17th), and my own (5th). I should have been a 4th of July baby, however, timing was not on my side. It was barely five minutes after midnight that I found myself squoze out. Yes, that's right; I said "squoze out."

July 5th was an okay birthday. Always made for good celebrations. The meals were good; usually ribs or grilled turkey. Often involving pools and such.

Most unfortunate that I couldn't use my birthday as an angle for missing school. T'was alright, though, I was never one for large soirées. A friend or two was more my style. Suppose that makes me very antisocial, but so what?

Day 199: Tower within the Poop Palace

I was very disappointed with this day of pic taking. Despite it being July 15th - the day of the final Harry Potter film's release - I found that at the end of the day, this was the only damn pic I took. *sigh*

It's the belt system that takes dirty laundry into the washers for the hospital.

Day 198: Testing, 1, 2, 3...

The shutter on my camera was acting a bit strange, so I flipped it over to do a little visual inspection. Funny part? I'm on the can in this shot! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Day 197:If those wood chips could talk ;)

Day 196: Red Sky At NIght...

Day 195: Potter-Thon Day 1

Prior to setting our asses down to view the final Harry Potter film, we embarked upon a multi-day Potter-Thon. It was.....intense.

Day 194: Gouche Underfoot

This is her pre-haircut. Pics to follow :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 193: Yes....I went there ;)

Yes....that is exactly what you think it is; someone's pool. Sorry if you find it offensive, poor taste, or just downright sickening looking (though frankly my own chubby butt sickens me sometimes).

I'm not one to hide that I get a kick out of being naked. Not that I'm really a voyeur by any means, but getting out of clothing and just lying around is one of the most comfortable things to do. Swimming is made even more comfortable because then you don't have some clingy ass suit riding up in your crevices. Sleeping naked is even better too for several reasons. More blankets and less clothing helps you build body heat, which makes for a warmer night. Less material on your bod during the warmer months helps you stay cool. And I hate feeling like I have clothing twisting up in the bed with me when I toss around at night; I just hate it intensely.

Not that I have any desire to visit resorts, but why not at home or amongst others that are not all that bothered by it? From a maturity standpoint, we all know what we have down there so immature giggling should be at a bare minimum. In some cases, a guy might get...uhh....a bit excited, but that's what thinking of Margaret Thatcher is for, right? Taming the wild beast. Seriously, if it happens, just cover up for a minute, or get in the water.

What are you're thoughts on this? Being naked I mean? And beyond the sexual/shower situations...

Day 192: Andy Got Warhol'ed!!!

Yeah, no major cool story to go with this entry. I was just thinking I haven't featured a pic of myself in sometime, so I decided to snap a pic late Friday night (technically Saturday morn') before going to bed. Yes, it could be cheating as it was taken on a Saturday, but, as a friend once mentioned, it's still the same day 'til you've been to sleep and woken up.

Day 191: The "M" Signal!!

As a sort of birthday rant, I'm going to point out that receiving gifts for a designated occasion sort of bugs me. Why do I need any more recognition for my birth than a simple greeting and well wishing? Celebrate the birth of Christ by getting/receiving gifts? I have enough reverence for the day without having to fool myself into Christmas excitement with gifts and trinkets.

Then the actual nature of gifts become a problem. Anything I really need/want I usually end up getting myself. So, in short, I don't really need/want whatever I might end up receiving. It's not that I don't like or appreciate the gifts, but in many, many cases I receive things that I may use once or twice and then find that I have no real desire to use again. It's evolved to the point where I sometimes write a list of things to get just to make sure it's stuff that I'd want. Often I tell people gift cards to places like bookstores are better than gifts. With a gift like that I get to meander around the book store carefully choosing which new treat I get to take home. It's like a kid in a candy shop sort of thing.

Another manner of gifts that I value dearly is the edible manner of gifts. Within my family and friends are people that have a number of specialty dishes that I really enjoy. One of my sisters, for examples, makes a bomb ass cookie. I'd very much appreciate a dozen (or a dozen dozen) of those lil' babies than most other gifts. Hell, as a joke I comment that you could give me a gift card to Polly's Country Market to get my ass some Bareman's chocolate milk for my consuming pleasure.

Maybe I'm a little quirky, but I'm not overly difficult to please.

Day 190: Post Burrfday Burrday Dinner

Every year for a birthday, if we drop a comment what we want for a meal to my Pops, we'll get that as a meal. This year, however, I really didn't get around to dropping any hints to him, other than Tur-Duck-En (maybe before the year's end). Instead, he took initiative to start preparing ribs, and in all my years my dad has made amazing ass ribs, though I think mine give his a run for the money.

Oddly, when time came to start prepping the meal, we opted for going out instead. Call me crazy, but I just wanted to be out of the house on my birthday. The restaurant of choice was Olive Garden. Meal of choice was a chicken alfredo pizza. If you haven't dabbled with that one yet, I suggest you do so; you will not be dissappointed.

My friend Megan made a comment that she was bummed I didn't do anything for or have a get together for the occasion, but I'm really not that excited about celebrating my birthday as much as in the past. Not that I really dread getting old, but the excitement isn't there. I enjoy other's celebrations at great length, but mine not so much. Not really sure why. Maybe I've just been out of the habit of throwing parties for so long, that I've forgotten how to really get down on my day of birth. Maybe the past few have been accompanied by weird moods and odd self esteem that I don't want the attention.

Not to say I don't enjoy the attention, when given it, or that my birthdays are lame (according to my standards)....

Ah well, I'm losing motivation in this entry. Starting to feel a downer mood go with the words, so it's time to switch gears.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 189: Happy Burrfday Andy Beau!

I should start a separate album containing all of the bad parking job photos I snap.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 188: American as...

While I can't say my 4th of July was absolutely lousy, I can say it sucked big floppy donkeh bawz. Vinegar scented donkeh bawz no less.

At some point, before I headed out to work a 12pm to 8:30pm shift, I snapped a shot of the two soaps we have in the family bathroom. They made me think of things that are often referred to as being very "American."

What things are inherently "American" in your opinons?

Day 187: The Cleanest I Ever Saw It!!

Now, this is a pretty damn lame Sunday pic, I admit. Goes to show you how lazy, tired, and unmotivated I can be sometimes, that the only thing I think to shoot is my sister's clean kitchen. Granted, it's not like she's a hoarder and a dirty person, but she can be a clutter bug sometimes.

Day 186: Really?! Can't Get Away From 'Em!

See that?! See the sign and what it says?! They're everywhere!! Forget Zombies! We really need to watch out for the Midget-Apocalypse!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 185: Doggie Porn?!

Okay, not doggie porn at all. Just a sprawled out, awesome ass Pit a regular brought into JCo Friday evening. She sat there scratching it's belly for God knows how long and it just ate it up.

Day 184: Lazy...

Hehe.....We all have these of us; shots of us (my siblings and I) lying around being absolutely lazy), but now it's so much easier to quickly grab a camera and take a pic.

At least I didn't draw a penis on her face, or anything like that.

Day 183: Feet.....*gross*

Yes....those are my puppies. Why am I barefoot? Do I need a reason to be barefoot?! Hell No!! I sometimes wish I had Hobbit-feet so I could roll everywhere barefoot and require very little protection.

Day 182: Grilled 'Za!

Several weeks ago, we tried this up north on a lil' mini vacay. It was nothing special. Just a couple of frozen pizzas with a few extra ingredients thrown on the grill. Didn't go off without a hitch, but all in all was good enough to make us want to experiment further.

The pizzas you see here, are that experimentation. BBQ chicken, bacon, onion, pepper, and pineapple pizza on a thin crust. You can see the curled up edges of the pizza, or should be able. It tasted good to me, but I can see it working out even better on a charcoal grill. Nom, nom.....

Ever experiment with this?

Day 181: Leftovers

Crock pots are the schizz, they truly are. Stupendous little devices that truly shine in a culinary world of appliances designed to save us time. More than most, however, crock pots really are a simple, convenient and time saving way to cook. Just drop in all of your ingredients, turn it to low, and eight to ten hours later you come home to a beautiful smelling home and a delicious meal soon to fill your belly. Hell, half the fun (yes, fun) is setting it before you leave for work early in the AM knowing a feast awaits!

Most common is roast beef done in the crock pot.
Toss in two to three pound hunk of beef. Two (or more) onions cut up. Carrots and potatoes given the same treatment. Salt and pepper to taste. One average sized jalapeño. One or two cans of cream of mushroom soup, and beef broth (bullion & water) for more flavor and moisture. Any spices you decide to get crazy with are up to you, and can only serve to enhance the experience.

Over the years, I've experiment with other dishes. The most successful of which is lasagna; the least of which was rice pudding. Good God I butchered the rice pudding. Some day I'll try it again, but until then...

Something I look forward to, as with any good meal, is the remaining amount of food. Pic above is a bowl full of those leftovers. In some cases, you get sick of eating the leftovers, but in many cases I can't imagine growing tired of eating the same thing for seven days. Lasagna, for example, is a food that would take many, many days before growing sick of it.

Anyone else have a food like that? What about a favorite crock pot creation? Favorite food to eat the day after the original meal?