Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 209: Jalopy My Ass!

Like cool cars? Sure as shit, you can bet your begonias I love bomb ass automobiles. Not just any ole' autos either.

Actually..."ole" isn't too far from where my tastes in cars falls. For example, I dig Ford Mustangs, but not recent Mustangs. The 'Stangs I dig are older than I am. Camaros? Older the better. Corvettes? Same deal. Trucks? No exceptions to the rule.

Ask me which is cooler: the beautiful beast to the right, or a Ferrari? Don't get me wrong, a Ferrari has style, but that truck has personality and characters. That truck has a classic look that screams "yeah, I've been to the mother fuckin' mountain top. Now what?!" That truck is like the old man in the bar who is broken down, out of style, direly in need of a shower and shave, but when fit hits the shan, he'll show a youngster how the pain was rained down in his day.

Thoughts? Older rides or newer rides? Specific type of ride? What sort of ride makes you nod your head in respect?

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