Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 202:No Blinkies!!

Audrey and I took four preceding photos in which one or the other blinked. It had the effect of making us look like were on some really intense weed of some sort, which we're not, honest. And no, my fingers are not crossed behind my back.

Seems so long ago that I met this lady. I hesitate to say lady, because I've seen her in situations that would make Ron Jeremy blush and offer to find her a good priest. So long ago indeed, but it was really only two three years ago. Chemistry 131 as a matter of fact. Also with us in that class was Cassie (who barely covered her assie), and Stephanie, who had some boobs (I'm not even a boob guy, but I had to look). There was also She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Jen Foote) and Old Man Ken at our table, but it doesn't matter; I only have eyes for Audrey ;)

Usually, however, Stephanie sat on my side, so most conversations in class were with her, but I can't help feeling like I knew Audrey better. Catholic upbringing perhaps? Similar personalities? Stalkerish desire to be in the bed of an individual so I fantasize that we're closer than we really are? All of the above perhaps.

I joke about fantasizing, but really I had not thoughts of getting in her knickers, despite being embraced as a creeper. Rather offended at first, but embracing this moniker I became everyone's favorite creeper. Little would I know how awesome this girlie would be years later.

Just recently turning 21 years old, I have to point out that she's now eligible for my wanton desires. Prior to turning 21 it was just fun and games to be suggestively inappropriate, but in any woman's case, I have this thing that if you can't legally go to a bar with me, then you're too young. It's since become being able to drink in a bar and hopefully be older than my oldest niece.

However, despite her being under 21 for several years after meeting her, I have to say that certain things have become very apparent that thrust (heh...I said thrust) in the über desirable status. First and foremost, she has a bomb ass personality and sense of humor. Any girl that would embrace the phrase "I'd fuck me" like she has something going for her, not to mention laughing 'til sides hurt on several occasions (and making funny animal faces at Ugly Sweater parties). Secondly, she has the most awesome personality in the history of all mankind; yes it's been pointed out, I just wanted to drill the point home. Thricely, she's a pretty girl. Her smile has the sort of look that could melt Chuck Norris' or Hitler's cold black hearts. I hate to say "pretty" because it makes her sound mundanely okay, but she's really, really pretty. The kind of pretty where someone says "who's that girl with" and you feel a bit of pride if she's with you.

The three reasons above are reason enough to want to be this girl's boy toy, but in time I've noticed things that have pushed her over the edge of hotness. Legs....she has them. And why I say she has legs, I mean she has flesh covered pistons that would send any man into fantasy land...*grabs bottle of baby oil* back in a few.

Okay, I'm kidding...'bout having me time anyways. Seriously, her legs are amazingly buff looking. And I've always thought her rear nice looking, but on her birthday celebration she wore a dress that accentuated it in such a way that her derriere ranks amongst the top three I've seen (and I used seen right).

Well, I hope you all think I'm creepy now, if you didn't already. I figured it was fitting to be inappropriately creepy in regards to Audrey since some of our earliest memories involve her (and Steph) thinking I wanted to get into their pants. Rightly so if ya' ask me.

I could go on for a while with all the cool memories I have of her, but I want to move onto writing other blogs, though I think this is one of my longest...ever.

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