Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 200: Three Stooges

In July my family - my immediate family - celebrates three birthdays. My mother's (13th), my sister's (17th), and my own (5th). I should have been a 4th of July baby, however, timing was not on my side. It was barely five minutes after midnight that I found myself squoze out. Yes, that's right; I said "squoze out."

July 5th was an okay birthday. Always made for good celebrations. The meals were good; usually ribs or grilled turkey. Often involving pools and such.

Most unfortunate that I couldn't use my birthday as an angle for missing school. T'was alright, though, I was never one for large soirées. A friend or two was more my style. Suppose that makes me very antisocial, but so what?

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