Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 193: Yes....I went there ;)

Yes....that is exactly what you think it is; someone's pool. Sorry if you find it offensive, poor taste, or just downright sickening looking (though frankly my own chubby butt sickens me sometimes).

I'm not one to hide that I get a kick out of being naked. Not that I'm really a voyeur by any means, but getting out of clothing and just lying around is one of the most comfortable things to do. Swimming is made even more comfortable because then you don't have some clingy ass suit riding up in your crevices. Sleeping naked is even better too for several reasons. More blankets and less clothing helps you build body heat, which makes for a warmer night. Less material on your bod during the warmer months helps you stay cool. And I hate feeling like I have clothing twisting up in the bed with me when I toss around at night; I just hate it intensely.

Not that I have any desire to visit resorts, but why not at home or amongst others that are not all that bothered by it? From a maturity standpoint, we all know what we have down there so immature giggling should be at a bare minimum. In some cases, a guy might get...uhh....a bit excited, but that's what thinking of Margaret Thatcher is for, right? Taming the wild beast. Seriously, if it happens, just cover up for a minute, or get in the water.

What are you're thoughts on this? Being naked I mean? And beyond the sexual/shower situations...

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