Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 191: The "M" Signal!!

As a sort of birthday rant, I'm going to point out that receiving gifts for a designated occasion sort of bugs me. Why do I need any more recognition for my birth than a simple greeting and well wishing? Celebrate the birth of Christ by getting/receiving gifts? I have enough reverence for the day without having to fool myself into Christmas excitement with gifts and trinkets.

Then the actual nature of gifts become a problem. Anything I really need/want I usually end up getting myself. So, in short, I don't really need/want whatever I might end up receiving. It's not that I don't like or appreciate the gifts, but in many, many cases I receive things that I may use once or twice and then find that I have no real desire to use again. It's evolved to the point where I sometimes write a list of things to get just to make sure it's stuff that I'd want. Often I tell people gift cards to places like bookstores are better than gifts. With a gift like that I get to meander around the book store carefully choosing which new treat I get to take home. It's like a kid in a candy shop sort of thing.

Another manner of gifts that I value dearly is the edible manner of gifts. Within my family and friends are people that have a number of specialty dishes that I really enjoy. One of my sisters, for examples, makes a bomb ass cookie. I'd very much appreciate a dozen (or a dozen dozen) of those lil' babies than most other gifts. Hell, as a joke I comment that you could give me a gift card to Polly's Country Market to get my ass some Bareman's chocolate milk for my consuming pleasure.

Maybe I'm a little quirky, but I'm not overly difficult to please.

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  1. The pic is of a gift I received in the form of a pen. At first I was bugged because it was a fat pen that didn't even fit comfortably in my hand. Then I noticed it had a light: whoopdee doo!! Imagine my surprise when looking at the reflected light on the wall to notice the feature colored visual of an UofM "M." I decided it would go in my blog somehow, but I waited 'til much later at night to snap a pic :) Geeky, but I did like this one in the end.