Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 181: Leftovers

Crock pots are the schizz, they truly are. Stupendous little devices that truly shine in a culinary world of appliances designed to save us time. More than most, however, crock pots really are a simple, convenient and time saving way to cook. Just drop in all of your ingredients, turn it to low, and eight to ten hours later you come home to a beautiful smelling home and a delicious meal soon to fill your belly. Hell, half the fun (yes, fun) is setting it before you leave for work early in the AM knowing a feast awaits!

Most common is roast beef done in the crock pot.
Toss in two to three pound hunk of beef. Two (or more) onions cut up. Carrots and potatoes given the same treatment. Salt and pepper to taste. One average sized jalapeño. One or two cans of cream of mushroom soup, and beef broth (bullion & water) for more flavor and moisture. Any spices you decide to get crazy with are up to you, and can only serve to enhance the experience.

Over the years, I've experiment with other dishes. The most successful of which is lasagna; the least of which was rice pudding. Good God I butchered the rice pudding. Some day I'll try it again, but until then...

Something I look forward to, as with any good meal, is the remaining amount of food. Pic above is a bowl full of those leftovers. In some cases, you get sick of eating the leftovers, but in many cases I can't imagine growing tired of eating the same thing for seven days. Lasagna, for example, is a food that would take many, many days before growing sick of it.

Anyone else have a food like that? What about a favorite crock pot creation? Favorite food to eat the day after the original meal?

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