Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 263: A shitty shot, I admit

Y'all know of my major irritation at shitty parking jobs. Well, usually there isn't anyone in the car as I snap it, but this wasn't one of the usual cases. Trying to snap it and not look obvious, I somehow fucked this shot up. Classy Andy, Classy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 262: Can You Guess...

...if this is the bus I ride? hehehe....I know, poor joke. Now only if the windows could taste like shnozzberries.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 261: Donning My Royal Robes

Yep, that's me in the Palace O' Poop, rocking out my royal garb.

Day 260: Really? REALLY?!?!

We all are lazy at some point or another. The addition of a "snooze" button on alarm clocks should be a very obvious reminder of how lazy we have collectively become as a society. Sure, some people still rise with the cock (rooster you sickos)
or sunrise, but most of us Americanos know the snooze button better than we know our own genitalia, chronic masturbaters an exception to this rule, of course. Even then...

I'm even beginning to be desensitized to the large amounts of trash adorning mother nature. Sure, it still pisses me off at the lack of respect to this wonderful planet we are systemically destroying, but when driving along on my way to work/school, I can't stop and pick up every piece of trash I see.

Pulling through the drive-up ATM the other day, I saw this; garbage resting on the bricks framing the ATM. It evoked a classic Andy response; "really? REALLY?!" Were it not for that automagic response, I might have been speechless.

Day 259: Back Up In Ya' Ahss....

How many of you have spiraled into insanity when this fucker would run out of ink? Happened to me that (last) Wednesday evening. Fantasies of Office Space ran through my mind and I even adopted an Indian (dot, not feather) accent when I began spitting off some lyrics from a particular Geto Boys song.

Day 258: Boo...Hiss...

The title says it all....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 257: It has bacon on it too!!

This is such a shout out to many of my bacon brothas and sistas. On that wrapper is an Arby's "Bacon, Beef and Cheddar." That's right, bacon is on that already beautifully nasty beast.

Day 256: Duct Tape Dummies

Yes, it's what it looks like.

Day 255: Shitty Pic

Well...this turned out shitty. It's freshly laid cement outside of the Anderson building at the hospital, which made me think of the stupid urge to draw my name in it.

Day 254: A Little Nurthe

Just a small item I found lying in the parking lot of the Hospital. A bit funny and cute, and now residing on my shelf, but no story to go along with it. Maybe another time....it really evokes no extra thoughts or emotions.

Day 253: My Ole' Zippo

This zippo helped me nab many a numbers in the day. Often, I'd find myself offering a beautiful young lady, who smoked unfortunately, a light. While not wanting to encourage smoking, it was often a good ice breaker, and, like mentioned earlier, helped me nab a few numbers.

Not that getting numbers was the sole purpose for having the lighter. For some years I'd just keep one for camping trips, and then it became habit. It was also something I could occupy my hands with when otherwise I couldn't stop fidgeting.

Day 252: Scribblins....

Catching up on nearly two weeks worth of photo-blogging sucks donkey balls. Worse yet is when you feel such an intense desire to be in the mood to do it, but fail so epically in finding motivation that you just can't bring yourself to do it.

There may or may not be storm clouds hanging around my head right now, but I wouldn't know. I'm in too intense a funk at the exact moment in time. I really have no idea how my fingers are able to move at this time, as I could imagine myself sitting in the cold aware of freezing to death, watching a forest fire uncaring that there may be pain and suffering within, or know that others might be experiencing harder times than I am - and there are many that are, I'm sure - but know that I don't care, at least not right now.

First and foremost, this pic is a throwback to better days of sharing classes with a beloved friend of mine. We'd sit and draw pictures - usually stick figures - to vent our frustrations. How indicative they really were of problems that were really going on in our lives is debatable, but even in serious cases we'd nearly piss ourselves laughing in class. On more than a few occasions did an instructor give us the stink eye.

Better days indeed....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 251: Wash, Wash, Wash...

Nothing special at all; it's the view from below of the washer doin' it's thing at work. Made me laugh a little bit because it looked a bit like a storm was raging outside of a porthole.

Day 250: Daddy, Drop A Deuce!

You read that right, the blog title I mean. A week has passed since my father went into the hospital to have a little colon surgification done, and he's still there. What's holding him up? He's required to have a bowel movement prior to being discharged. In layman's terms: he don't shit, he don't go home. And believe me, the dude wants to drop a major load. The pressure's there and it's building. Scares me to think that there is a chance that they may have to evacuate the 7 North (if not the entire floor) when he finally does, because after all this time I'm sure it's like "RELEASING THE KRAKEN!!"

I really am fearful for the place. I grew up with this man setting a very putrid example of how atrociously shits are supposed to smell, though my aren't too shabby either. We often joked that he could make linoleum peel back; possibly even brick.

Day 249: Study View...

The quality of the photo sucks, but it's okay I guess. Just the view via the iTunes visualizer while "A Hive of Villainy" assaults my auditory canals.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 248: Yeah, I did it! All surprised don't act! Crazy I am!

Yeah, Rob might be a little irritated that I did this to his Yoda plush, but at least Yoda isn't touching my private regions like he was in another pic. That was some hardcore Jedi on sweaty, vinegar - scented, testicular action. Makes me wonder if fruit flies have started to gather around Yoda's face.

Why I love to give Rob so much shit is open to debate. Frankly, I give a lot of people shit, but Rob more so than most. I look at him and I see an intelligent and awesome mofo (aside from him not having seen "Mister Mom" and knowing who "David Prowse" is). Yet...I can't not lay it down on this man.

It's been that way for years too, and I know I'm not alone in this. Teetoe (Tha D or Darius) for those of y'all who know him better has also generously dished out the shit for years and years. Rob's buddy Andy (not me) has also been known to dish it out like Rob was his adopted, red-headed stepchild. Others, I'm sure, would proudly say that they've nearly pushed Rob over the edge, and yet the kid (Rob) keeps bouncing back, answers with what he perceives as vigor, then realizes we couldn't hear him from all the way down there without his loud speaker. When you're that short, all your words become muffled.

In all seriousness, the dude's great. He and I share many of the same interests, Star Wars being chief among them, though I doubt he's ballsy enough to rock Yoda on his body. Sure, he's got a Boba Fatt or some gay name or something on his shoulder. Might be the logo for a Coruscanti Gay Pride Club for all I know.

Now, to get his ass to San Diego Comic Con before his organs fail on me.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 247: This One's For Teetoe






Day 246: Inviting, isn't it?

Inviting, isn't it? I see it all the time, and so often I want to just dive right in. Particularly good day would have right then after I took the pic, as the day was incredibly hotter than I expected it would be.

Day 245: All Is Right On My Desk

Any of my OG classmates should be well accustomed to my...CDO ten - dencies. Know what CDO means? It's "OCD" written the way it should be: ALPHA-FUCKING-BETICAL!! YEEEEEUH!

In class Wednesday morning I had to laugh at myself; still unable to find that comfort zone when something wasn't in an appropriately laid out spot. Pen turned the wrong way? It was repositioned. Notebook not flush with the edge of the table? It would be soon enough. Everything at specific angles and so on. Even the front logo/label of my water bottle is pointing directly at me, which is more thank cool. I just can't rest until everything is positioned just so.

Of course, even finding comfort in this, I found myself thinking fondly of my partners in crime - former partners in crime. One in particular would tease me at great length by moving a pen out of sync, turning a folder at an odd angle, or turning my water bottle around. Major no-no, but I loved her so I couldn't hate her. Hell, I found my weirdness as funny as she probably did. And I loved her - them - intensely.

Even when one of them stole my Sniffle Spray, which resulted in me making a very late night trip to buy more (because I can't be okay with a cheaper brand), I had to love her still. Nothing but love.

She knows who she is ;) There's more than one, but the prime lady ending with the suffix of "-AY" knows. Oh, and one final pic for fun. Can you tell me what's wrong with it? What's seriously wrong with it?

Day 244: Sneak Photos

Every so often, I look somewhere and have evil thoughts. For example, one of the two people in this pic is someone whom I fantasize about punching in the face. Not just a simple boxer jab either. I'm talking a straight out of Mortal Kombat flying through the air Raiden style wallop. Then I'd finish him off with a Spinning Zangief Pile-Driver! Enough said....for legal reasons.

Day 243: Ghetto Fabulous!

Every once in a while, you see stuff that makes you smile. This bike is one of them. Can I say...."Ghetto Fabulous?"

Day 242: Good Eats...Sorta

Not that I'm a person that often considers fast food as truly "good eats," but every so often something hits that palate just right. In this case, it's the Philly Steak and Cheese from Subway. At $8 it had better freaking hit the damn spot, but rest easy my loves, it did. Hit it just right that I ended up getting it the next day too. Sad, I know.

In case you were wondering my set up: Monterey Cheddar bread, provologne, shredded cheddar, a spot of ranch, even less sweet onion sauce, a few jalapeńos, and more than a few banana peppers. Devastating I tell you...devastating.