Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 250: Daddy, Drop A Deuce!

You read that right, the blog title I mean. A week has passed since my father went into the hospital to have a little colon surgification done, and he's still there. What's holding him up? He's required to have a bowel movement prior to being discharged. In layman's terms: he don't shit, he don't go home. And believe me, the dude wants to drop a major load. The pressure's there and it's building. Scares me to think that there is a chance that they may have to evacuate the 7 North (if not the entire floor) when he finally does, because after all this time I'm sure it's like "RELEASING THE KRAKEN!!"

I really am fearful for the place. I grew up with this man setting a very putrid example of how atrociously shits are supposed to smell, though my aren't too shabby either. We often joked that he could make linoleum peel back; possibly even brick.

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