Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 260: Really? REALLY?!?!

We all are lazy at some point or another. The addition of a "snooze" button on alarm clocks should be a very obvious reminder of how lazy we have collectively become as a society. Sure, some people still rise with the cock (rooster you sickos)
or sunrise, but most of us Americanos know the snooze button better than we know our own genitalia, chronic masturbaters an exception to this rule, of course. Even then...

I'm even beginning to be desensitized to the large amounts of trash adorning mother nature. Sure, it still pisses me off at the lack of respect to this wonderful planet we are systemically destroying, but when driving along on my way to work/school, I can't stop and pick up every piece of trash I see.

Pulling through the drive-up ATM the other day, I saw this; garbage resting on the bricks framing the ATM. It evoked a classic Andy response; "really? REALLY?!" Were it not for that automagic response, I might have been speechless.

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